Things that make me laugh…#1

This is clever and entertaining. There is a whole series of bad lip syncing videos and most have a moment of great humour. The moment for me in this one is the vet visit. See what you think.

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Well this is hard. I don't like talking much, preferring to keep to myself. I have only had to do a resume (CV?) once in my life. I didn't like it then, my mood on the concept hasn't changed much since. But I have to tell you something, so….

This blog is about me, Michael Nugent, and what I do. I won't start at the beginning, I am getting too old to tell a life story. Short and sweet, I live in Wagga Wagga. I am a jeweller by trade. I am married to Leanne and we have two daughters, Hannah and Madeleine. We also have a dog, a bird and two chooks. I like photography, which links to birds, astronomy and landscapes. I like beer. I have only ever travelled to North America (three times) and within Australia. Oh, I am over 49 years old. 

You can read more about me in about later.

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